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Register now for the ECIU Masterclass "Study Programs for Future: Leadership and (Re)Design"


November 22, 2017


Register now for the ECIU Masterclass "Study Programs for Future: Leadership and (Re)Design"

University Staff


November 22, 2017

Nov 22, 2017 5:06 PM


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Target group

study program directors, study program coordinators, study program committee members, university academic and administrative staff.


University programs exist and evolve in a fast changing context: expectations and requirements of the students, labor market, the technologies changing at an exponential speed, the new teaching and learning paradigm. Under such circumstances, universities are responsible for the graduates’ employability in the labor market in a long-term perspective and for meeting the social needs as well as making the difference in everyday lives. Therefore, a study program must be constructed on the grounds of satisfying the wide demand and responding to the question “Why we need what we are learning?” In this setting, the role of study program management is key. Leading study program enhancement processes in a multifaceted environment with multilayered stakeholders requires special competences, of which curriculum development and leadership are two important ones. Competences in curriculum development may help program directors to (re)design or enhance programs of good quality that meet the needs of society and learners. The competent leader has a vision and knows how to inspire and motivate people to get that vision realized. This Masterclass is devoted to both areas. In a project-led setting, and inspired by theory and examples from successful practices, participants will work on (re)designing or enhancing their study program and structure, and on creatively rethinking their leadership role.


The participants will have:

  • rediscovered the (re)design of a study program
  • explored the possibilities of creatively leading the changes in study program enhancement
  • learned about unique and excellent examples and real cases of innovative study program redesign and study program leadership.


Contributors are experts in study program redesign processes with broad practical experience in working with study program leadership:

Dr. Irene Visscher-Voerman – University of Twente (the Netherlands), Head of Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT), Head of Programme Office of Educational Innovation, a leading person of the Twente Education Model; Topic: “Study program curriculum development. Teaching and learning approaches. Real examples of study program redesign. A case of the University of Twente.

Dr. ir. Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen – University of Twente (the Netherlands), Program Director of Civil Engineering, Faculty member of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. Topic: Examples of study program redesign in (Civil) Engineering. Role of study program directors and committees. Experiences at the University of Twente.

Dr. Asta Daunoriene - Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), Head of the Faculty Development Center EDU_Lab (Educational laboratory); Dr. Jurgita Baryniene – Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), Coordinator of the Faculty Development Center EDU_Lab, Trainer.

Topic: “Dynamic and creative study program enhancement”.

Benefits in long–term perspective

Opportunity to achieve higher student satisfaction, increase enrollment, increase student achievement, enhance student engagement, have more satisfied faculty members and employers. This may also result in a more positive institutional image and increase institutional competitive advantage.

Challenging conventional thinking

This Masterclass enables the (start of the) development of high quality study programs which promote student – oriented innovative teaching and learning approaches and the pursuit of excellence in matching the professional, social and global needs and expectations. The focus is on shifting study programs from teacher centered to student centered and future-focused teaching and learning.

Evaluation methodology

The quality of the masterclass is measured through: 

  1. Pre-masterclass diagnostic survey to assess participants‘ competence in constructing study programs and participants’ experience in study program’s leadership.
  2. ‍Post-masterclass survey to assess the competence in constructing study programs
  3. Masterclass satisfaction survey at the end of the masterclass.
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