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May 1, 2017


Sign up for the masterclass in simulation-based learning

University Staff


May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017 6:38 PM


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Short description

The masterclass introduces and demonstrates how simulation-based learning can be used in higher education, and the potential student learning outcome this pedagogical method offers. The masterclass is being conducted in collaboration between University of Stavanger (UiS)Stavanger University Hospital (SUH) and SAFER simulation centre


After participating in the workshop, the participant will have knowledge about research in simulation and the necessary conditions that have to be fulfilled in planning, implementing and evaluating simulation into a curriculum across different disciplines. The participants will also develop skills in how to run simulation- based learning in collaboration with students and practitioners from different professions. 


All contributors are experts and experienced researchers and educators into the field of simulation-based learning related to various aspects of higher education in general and healthcare education in particular.

Collaboration in ECIU

The masterclass invites faculty from all disciplines, interested in simulation as a method to engage students and offer practice near higher education. Participating in the masterclass will lay ground for networking and potential partnership in future research applications and educational development programs and exchange.

Challenging conventional thinking

The masterclass challenges conventional thinking and educational practice by introducing a pedagogical method that has a starting point in practice, facing the learning needs and complex professional competences from/ in real situations.

Through creating simulation scenarios for educational purposes and being involved in the briefing- and debriefing process, the participants will take part in a learner centred learning activity.

Furthermore, the masterclass will give a first-hand experience of how to develop skills and knowledge which can be transferred to own student learning in innovative and participatory learning environments. 

Evaluation methodology

Group interviews will be conducted, recorded and published at the ECIU-website, questioning the participants about the learning outcome of the masterclass


The 2-days seminar is free of charge for ECIU members. This includes coffee breaks, lunches and transport between hotel and campus. There will be an individual share of NOK 500,- if you register for the dinner/banquet (speakers are excepted).

If you register for the dinner when you sign up for the ECIU masterclass, please do also pay the share by credit card.

Programme, registration and travel info

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Agenda for the masterclass (pdf)

Travel information for ECIU masterclass (pdf, 627 kb)

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