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Our collaboration is firmly based on expertise in innovative education, research, and knowledge exchange. We pride ourselves on being entrepreneurial, and on maintaining an innovative culture in our institutions, as well as providing a catalytic role for innovation in society.

We are ECIU, the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, a network of 13 universities united since 1997 by a common profile of shared beliefs, interests, and mutual trust.

Together, we will create, test and evaluate a whole new educational pedagogy. This will help to focus all the university activities from education, research, administration and support through to innovation and valorisation.

The ECIU University is an EU-funded European University that will create a completely new educational model on a European scale. The ECIU University gathers together learners, teachers, and researchers to cooperate with cities and businesses and solve real-life challenges.

Based on the UN SDGs
The first three year phase of the ECIU University focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 "Sustainable cities and communities”.

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ECIU University for You

ECIU University for Learners

  • Participate in the challenges and contribute to making a real impact in the community, city or region. 
  • Work in multi-disciplinary and international teams that allow you to gain professional skills and knowledge.
  • Experience a new, innovative way of learning, and by doing so, help to co-create the ECIU University.  

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ECIU University for University Staff

  • Problem solve today’s most relevant societal and economic challenges. 
  • Pioneer cutting edge educational concepts:  challenge-based learning and micro-credentials.
  • Join like-minded colleagues at other ECIU University members to co-create the European University that paves the new way for education on the European scale.   

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ECIU University for Business & Society

  • Open up challenges for the ECIU University teams to search for answers.
  • Work together and connect to current learners and prospective employees.
  • Join the strategic ECIU University partners by co-creating the education innovations in Europe.

Join  the challenges now!

ECIU University for Researchers

  • Explore The ECIU University joint long-term research strategy and our shared research areas.
  • Discover ECIU Researchers Mobility Fund opportunities.
  • Find out more about RUNIN network program and TEFCE project.
  • Find out more about the ECIU University Research Institute for Smart European Regions (SMART-ER) that will be launched soon.
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