Research ethics and integrity

Starting Date
March 14, 2022
Ending Date
April 25, 2022
Maximum group size


Having completed the module, students will be able to critically assess the principles of research ethics and institutional procedures for research integrity, apply them in the analysis of institutional practices and individual conduct and argue their decisions from the perspective of ethical theories and sustainable development.


Raminta Pučėtaitė (Kaunas University of Technology)

Learning outcomes    

  • Student critically discusses development of research ethics regulations, the principles of research ethics and processes of  ensuring institutional research integrity.
  • Student assesses research misconduct in a specific research field from the perspective of research ethics principles, their implications to individual conduct and institutional practices.
  • Student proposes institutional measures to promote research ethics and integrity.


The course will comprise online lectures, seminars, group discussions, debate, case and situation analysis, with sessions no longer than 2 hours each.


Will be based on the weighted average of the intermediate and final assessments. Students may miss no more than 20% of the classes to pass the course.


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