Research Grants: from the project idea to the funding

Starting Date
September 1, 2022
Ending Date
November 30, 2022
Maximum group size


The course aims at deepening participants’ knowledge and skills for tackling a funding acquisition strategy. Specifically, at the end, identifying suitable funding opportunities and facing preparation of a research proposal should look less daunting. The course will focus on the development of collaborative research proposals; the importance of demonstrating impact, and of working with a competitive consortium, will be addressed


Telma Esteves (University of Twente)
Noortje van der Knaa (Univesity of Twente)

Learning outcomes    

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize relevant components in a funding acquisition strategy;
  • Identify relevant and realistic funding opportunities;
  • Define and develop a research idea, in line with a call for funding;
  • Identify what makes a consortium competitive;
  • Identify the steps in the process of developing a research proposal;
  • Recognize the value of understanding the evaluation process and criteria.


Course will be based on 2 to 3 lectures by grants advisors, supported by “success stories” (including experienced researchers/ grantees). Early on, participants will identify a “case” to actively work on during the course: they will choose a research topic and from there outline a funding acquisition strategy, identify a specific call for funding, and work out the outline of a competitive research proposal. Participants will finally also experience being research proposal evaluators themselves, through peer-review assignment.


Minimum requirements to complete the course: participation in the lectures; completion of proposal development assignment; completion of peer-review proposal assignment.


20 June – 8 July (only applications received within the above dates will be considered)


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