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About the ECIU Teacher Hub

The Teacher Hub is a digital community aimed at bringing teachers together, providing them with a space to network, connect and collaborate as part of the ECIU community.

It is an easy-to-navigate digital Microsoft environment, where you will find interesting and relevant information for you as a teacher. It is also a community dedicated to innovative teaching practices such as challenge-based learning and other relevant information for conducting micro-modules at ECIU University. Here you can learn, share, network and connect to peers and other relevant stakeholders.

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Join us to

Access expert guidance on challenge-based teaching and learning
Learn how to start developing ECIU University challenges and micro-modules
Get invited to events and workshops and explore networking opportunities  
Exchange best practices with the teachers from 14 universities

How to join

Create an account

Go to , select your home university, and follow the instructions to sign up and create an ECIU username and password. 

You will need to use the Microsoft Multi-factor authentication for security.

Fill out the application

Once you have created the ECIU account, you can request access to the Teacher Hub by filling out the application form using your ECIU account email address. 

The support team will then grant you access.

Access the Teacher Hub

Be sure to use your ECIU account email address when accessing the Teacher Hub.

If you have any technical issues or questions –e.g about Microsoft Authentication - they can be directed to

Suggestion: tick the star symbol at the top right-handcorner to be notified about events and news.

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