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Manufacturing 4.0

  • Nanotechnology: Design and construction of prototypes for plasma-assisted treatments. Synthesis of multicomponent and nanostructured thin films
  • Structural and mechanical characterization of multicomponent and nanostructured thin films
  • Process characterization using optical emission spectroscopy techniques; Mathematical modeling of phase transformations in treated components
  • Nanomaterials and Devices Design: Development and characterization of nanostructured biocompatible materials;Development of nanostructured devices by using high manufacturing techniques suc as Ultrasound injection molding and Incremental Sheet forming; Prediction of the modal response of linear and nonlinear dynamic systems by using perturbation techniques
  • Modeling and Analysis of Machining Processes of super alloys and thin floor components
  • heoretical modeling and computer simulations of devices based on nanostructured materials.
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