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The City and the Futures. Perspectives and Experiences for Resilient Communities

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The enrollment ends 15th of November.

Imagining, planning, designing cities - or parts of them - means designing collective futures. The seminar explores those significant questions that communities are facing in the contemporary transformations of their living environment. Whom are the futures designed for? How possible and imaginable futures, and related socio-cultural-economic-ecological conditions, affect contemporary design decisions? What is the temporal horizon of the design perspectives (Short? Medium? Long?). Do designers ask questions about the future of those who will live "their" project? And what are their effects on design? Is the future consumed or fostered?

This micro-module is organized online.


22 November (4 hours - online, ECIU Autumn School)
23 November (8 hours - in presence)
24 November (8 hours - in presence)
30 November (4 hours - in presence)


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