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September 16, 2019



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The initiatives coming out of many ECIU Universities imply constantly refining the portfolio of services available to students and staff, developing continuous education programmes for staff, recognising best practices, creating new opportunities for the development of mindfulness and wellbeing on campus and regularly monitoring and evaluating the results we are achieving. In the ECIU, we aim to achieve our strategic goals collaboratively, by sharing the results of their implementation, adjusting them according to needs and improving them always.

The member universities of the ECIU thrive on the work of many people from diverse academic backgrounds and with different interests. Universities will become stronger as they bring together the wealth of diversity available within, while fostering synergies and stimulating cooperation. Any effort to stimulate the sense and practice of student wellbeing can greatly benefit from the sharing of best practices and will provide a fitting opportunity to bring a wide range of contributors into the discussions about student life and welfare.

Invited participants

This is an invitation-only event (exception: the Keynote address will be open to the public).

The participants will include students and staff of the ECIU Universities who are engaged in wellbeing services and initiatives at University plus guest external partners.

Invitations to attend the ECIU Symposium on Student Wellbeing are organized by local contact points at each ECIU University, who are designated members of the «ECIU Steering Committee on Innovation in Teaching and Learning».

Roles of the participants

University staff are those with responsibilities  in any field of work in the general domain of Campus wellbeing, including for  example technological support structures, psychology support services, sport  and well-being services at University, peer support initiatives like  mentoring, those involved in arts and culture as a place of well-being, those  linked with security on and off Campus, those dealing inclusion of vulnerable  students and staff, university chaplains and others. The Staff will have 3  main tasks:

1.  To participate in a pre-symposium local stakeholder event, which will be organized  at the home University in the weeks / months prior to the Symposium.

2.  To submit one or more POSTERS, which will be displayed during the Symposium  on September 17th.

3.  To actively participate in the Split group discussions / workshops on  September 17th.

 University students (around 2 students per ECIU member  university) who participate will be those with interest and some degree of  responsibility in the general field of student life and wellbeing (members of  the students union for example). We hope they will not only enjoy the event  but that they will participate actively in the workshop in the afternoon  session on the 17th in particular. Students are not required to submit posters (see below) but are free to do  so should they wish to share best practices in place or any plans they have to  create a specific initiative that is relevant to the topic of wellbeing.

Students  are also be invited arrive on the day before the event for pre-symposium  activities and discussions.

External partners will be invited to actively participate in  the event on September 17th, contributing to the debate throughout  the day and particularly during the split group discussions.


(Further details  about the programme will be sent by e-mail to participants after registration)

16 September –  Pre-Symposium Activities (all welcome but targeted mainly at students)

12h00 –  Participation in the University of Aveiro Mega Picnic on Campus.

15h00 - Practical  Session: Roundtable discussion in preparation for topics covered during the  Symposium the next day, 17th at 14h00. See programme.

17h00 – Guided tour  of University Campus including the Marinha Santiago da Fonte saltpans with  birdwatching. Refreshments at Autocarro  Bar.

20h00 - Dinner


17 September : ECIU  Symposium on Student Wellbeing

 09h30 - Welcome.  Registration. Coffee.

10h00 - Official  Opening by Prof. Dr. Artur Silva. Vice-Rector, ECIU Board Member for UA

Welcome, context and  organizational aspects of the event – Prof. Dr. Sandra Soares, Pro-Rector,  ECIU SC member for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

10h15 - Presentation  of conclusions from Pre-symposium stakeholder events held at the ECIU  Universities. 4/5-minute summaries (pitches)

11h00 - Keynote  Address: 'HealthyU: putting student well-being at the heart of university  strategy'. Sarah Speight, University Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for  Teaching and Learning, University of Nottingham

12h00 - Buffet  Lunch, Poster Session and networking – Dissemination of good-practices /  projects

14h00 – Split group  discussions (topics covered may include technological support structures,  psychology support services, sport and well-being at University, peer support  initiatives like mentoring, arts and culture as a place of well-being,  security on and off Campus, inclusion of vulnerable students and staff,  academic culture and how faculty and staff can contribute to well-being etc.)

17h00 – Roundup of  split group discussions. Conclusions of the day.

17h30 – End

Poster Submission

Do you have a project or initiative in place at your University that you would like to tell everyone about during the ECIU Symposium on Student Wellbeing? Do you have plans for future initiatives? We would love to hear from you. Why not submit a POSTER? Poster abstracts can be submitted at the time of registration for the Symposium, and later, when your idea has been admitted, we will send you the poster template, which you can use to elaborate more on your idea / initiative, include photos and graphics and provide contact details and links to relevant resources. The POSTERS will be printed and displayed here in Aveiro, so there is no need to carry it with you on your journey to Portugal or to send it to us in advance. So what do you have to lose? We would love to hear from you.

To submit a POSTER abstract, please choose the registration option below: Registration (which includes an option for submission of a Poster abstract) or Submission of Poster abstract (for those who will not be in Aveiro for the Symposium but would like to submit a poster anyway).

The deadline is 14 August 2019.

download the poster bookdownload the poster bookdownload the poster book

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