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ECIU Teacher Education Networking Meeting


April 25, 2018

ECIU Teacher Education Networking Meeting


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The University of Stavanger(UiS) Faculty of Arts and Education has put internationalization of studies high on the agenda. The ECIU network is an important player in the strategic approach to cooperation, and consequently, UiS has started exploring the possibility of setting up a networking meeting in Stavanger for all teacher education and humanities programmes in the ECIU network. 

Associate professor Brita Strand Rangnes, Faculty Vice-Dean of Education, asks for further contact information to the relevant coordinators of teacher education and humanities study programmes / degrees at ECIU institutions. UiS cordially invites to a workshop on Thursday, 26 of April 2018, with a social programme in the afternoon and evening of Wednesday, 25 April 2018 (arrival day). The seminar is primarily for academic peers and their support, in order to keep networking at an operational level. For 27 April 2018,  UiS offers to set up meetings with counterparts so that the academic dialogue with potential UiS partners or fellow visitors can be continued. 

This request for contact information goes out to all the members institutions of the ECIU network.

Contact Person: Trym Holbek, international adviser, University of Stavanger,

Tel. +47 51 83 13 22 / trym.holbek@uis.no 

For further questions, please consult your ECIU Local Coordinator.

University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger is situated on Norway’s south-west coast, surrounded by magnificent and diverse landscapes. The charming harbour city of Stavanger ranks as Norway’s fourth largest with approximately 130,000 inhabitants and is known as Norway’s “oil and energy capital”. The Stavanger region is Norway’s most productive area and has been the national hub for innovative industry for several decades, partly owing to the petroleum industry and partly to a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship which existed long before the oil age.