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ECIU University is launching a student community platform


September 27, 2021

ECIU University is launching a student community platform


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Open invitation to all students from ECIU member universities!

We are excited today to launch the ECIU Student Community Group on Facebook. This group offers every student of the ECIU member university a platform for student related information, reflections and best practices on the topics tackled by ECIU University, such as the Sustainable Development Goal 11 “sustainable cities and communities”.

ECIU, the European Consortium of innovative universities, is composed as an open ecosystem. The students play an active role in this ecosystem and strongly support the development of ECIU University. Students participate in the challenges provided by business and public partners and co-shape the future of ECIU.

Facebook group is open to everyone who which to get involve in the future of our universities. As students, you will find:

  • Students’ related information. Joining the group will give you the opportunity to follow all the ECIU University news that can possibly bring your study time to another level!
  • Testimonies and best practice sharing. This group will ensure space for all students to share tips regarding challenges, mobility and even social activities to do when students register to a challenge.
  • Invitation for the ECIU Students’ Events. ECIU University is organizing events for students and invitations will be created and published from this Facebook group.

Do not hesitate and join us on Facebook: ECIU Student Community!

For more information, please contact our Student Engagement Manager, Benjamin BETON: bbeton@insa-toulouse.fr

Photo credits: INSA Group

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