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ECIU University stands with Ukraine: Overview actions from ECIU partner institutions


February 28, 2022

ECIU University stands with Ukraine: Overview actions from ECIU partner institutions


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ECIU and its 14 member universities expressed their undivided solidarity with all Ukrainian higher education institutions, academic community, citizens and all those affected by the war. Concrete support measures have been developed to help students and staff from Ukraine and those affected in any way by the war.

ECIU University online activities are open to Ukrainian students at our member universities and ECIU is in the process of organising other activities. Other measures range from hosting students and researchers to providing legal or emotional support.

ECIU also works together with colleagues at the European Commission, the European Parliament and European stakeholders to work on relevant policy adjustments in the European higher education sector at large.

Aalborg University

  • AAU supports the Ukrainian academics and students. The English explanation is at the bottom of this page.
  • -AAU has four exchange agreements with Russian universities. These agreements are put on hold with immediate effect.
  • -AAU will not enter any new cooperation agreements with Russian and Belarusian parties.
  • -The university will not invite visiting researchers or participants from Russia and Belarus to conferences, meetings, etc. and encourages its staff members not to participate in similar events in Russia and Belarus.
  • -AAU encourages ordinary students from Russia and Ukraine at AAU to contact the general student guidance service, the university chaplain or the Student Counselling Service if they need advice and support.

Dublin City University

  • Statement by DCU on the invasion of Ukraine: https://www.dcu.ie/commsteam/news/2022/mar/dcu-statement-invasion-ukraine
  • DCU is providing accommodation (380 beds) and those housed on campus are offered catering. This will temporarily relieve anticipated pressures on accommodation at a national level.
  • Colleagues in Humanities have joined together, under the banner of the Irish Refugee Integration Network, to offer a number of initiatives including provision of English language classes, to support Ukrainian refugees' adjustment to Dublin.
  • A sectoral response is being led by the Irish Universities Association (IUA) in conjunction with the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science (DFHERIS). DCU is a member university of IUA. DCU representatives are liaising regularly at institutional level via the task force meetings.
  • DFHERIS is in the process of confirming that Maynooth University will run a coordinated help centre on behalf of all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to connect with incoming higher education students and researchers from the Ukraine. DCU will have a dedicated webpage on DCU.ie to provide information on our response and how to refer queries to the main help centre.
  • DCU's Student Union led a Ukraine Appeal and a DCU 5km Fun Run was organised to support the appeal.

Hamburg University of Technology

  • TUHH supports refugee students from Ukraine. Refugees from Ukraine who have a university entrance qualification are given free access as guest students. All courses at TU Hamburg can thus be attended free of charge and in unlimited numbers. Financial support for suitable applicants can be provided by the TU Foundation. The TU Hamburg also approaches other foundations in Hamburg. Refugees from Ukraine receive help in finding scholarships or even student jobs. TU Hamburg is also developing a propaedeutic course consisting of specific preparatory and language courses, especially for prospective students. Additional information for students and refugees in emergency situations here.  
  • TUHH established a Science Bridge for Ukraine.
  • TU website for students and scientists from Ukraine with offers for support and mentoring.

INSA Groupe

  • INSA has joined a national scheme to welcome Ukrainian students over the current academic term, with the possibility for them to join French language classes but also our standard degree programmes. The first requests have just arrived and INSA is making sure they are processed fast.
  • INSA has prepared an action plan to make sure all their needs are catered for, beyond access to higher education, in close collaboration with local authorities and civil society initiatives.
  • INSA Toulouse is twinned to Kiev, so there is a strong sense of solidarity here, with multiple bottom-up initiatives.

Kaunas University of Technology

  • Kaunas University of Technology is ready to host and accommodate more than 400 Ukrainian researchers, students and other members of the Ukrainian higher education community.
  • KTU is terminating cooperation agreements with Russian and Belarusian universities due to the geopolitical situation.
  • KTU is supporting the Ukrainian students fleeing the war by providing them tuition-free studies in the study programmes taught in English. The support extends to the students in all study levels: bachelor, master and PhD.
  • Students who have studied at least one semester at the higher education institution in Ukraine can seek academic transfer to the similar study programme at KTU.
  • The current Ukrainian students of KTU who are experiencing financial difficulties can apply for a one-time social scholarship by filling out the application.
  • KTU will offer free English language courses for Ukrainians who want to continue their studies at KTU.
  • KTU Senate resolution calls for solidarity with Ukraine.
  • The Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, together with the Lithuanian Science Council, plan to provide up to 100 grants to finance the activities of researchers from Ukraine so that they have the opportunity to continue their research activities and teaching to students.
  • Together with other EU countries, Lithuania aims to open Erasmus + instruments to Ukrainian citizens, from which it would be possible to finance projects with Ukrainian citizens and institutions and to provide additional funding for part-time studies of Ukrainian students in Lithuania.
  • The Lithuanian ministry together with Lithuanian universities is forming 500 places for the financing of Lithuanian language and culture courses, to which KTU will invite students, researchers and teachers from Ukraine.


Linköping University

Lodz University of Technology

  • Lodz University of Technology (TUL) on a regular basis monitors students’ situation and needs;
  • Psychological support – those, who need psychological help or just to talk to someone, can contact the Academic Trust Center of Lodz University of Technology;
  • Information and recruitment point at TUL, where Ukrainian students and employees as well as students, doctoral students, academic lecturers and administrative employees of Ukrainian universities will be able to count on help:
  • -support in Ukrainian language,
  • -obtaining information on the assistance offered by Lodz University of Technology and outside the University,
  • -obtaining information on continuing education at TUL,
  • -information on employment opportunities at TUL,
  • -assistance in accommodating students and employees of Lodz University of Technology and their family members, etc.;
  • Continuation of education at TUL – thanks to the special Resolution of TUL Senate, students of Ukrainian universities could be accepted for studies at TUL under the simplified procedure of confirming learning outcomes;
  • Supporting courses and workshops – support groups with elements of workshops and integration for students from Ukraine are being organised;
  • Accommodation – candidates, who will be accepted to TUL under the new Resolution of Senate, would receive student’s status, so would be able to reside at TUL’s dorms;
  • Polish language course & scholarship – candidates, who will be accepted to TUL under the new Resolution of Senate, would have possibility to study Polish language for free, as well as will be receiving the scholarship;
  • Collection of necessary things – the collection of things, that are necessary for people fleeing from Ukraine, has started at TUL from the very first days of conflict;
  • Fundraising – a special money collection #wPŁacaMY was started;
  • Dedicated website – at TUL web page a special place, where all the necessary information could be found, was created;
  • TUL Senate accepted a Resolution on solidarity with Ukraine and condemning aggression by the Russian Federation;
  • TUL terminates all forms of collaboration with Russian universities, scientific and research centres until further notice.

Tampere University

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

University of Stavanger

Università di Trento

  • The University of Trento condemns the invasion of Ukraine.
  • The University of Trento organises events to discuss the war, raise funds and offers concrete opportunities to Ukrainian university students who want to continue their studies and enroll in a degree programme at UniTrento (15 scholarships) and to Ukrainian researchers interested in continuing their research at UniTrento (10 scholarships) 

University of Twente

Download the joint European University Alliances statement hereDownload the joint European University Alliances statement hereDownload the joint European University Alliances statement here


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