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Internal Vacancy: Educational Portfolio Coordinator (0.4 FTE)


November 10, 2023

Internal Vacancy: Educational Portfolio Coordinator (0.4 FTE)


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For ECIU University, we are looking for the Educational Portfolio Coordinator (0.4fte) to build a portfolio of of learning opportunities (Challenges, micro modules) across the ECIU member universities matching the changing demands of (future) learners and ECIU’s flexible learning pathways. The Educational Portfolio Coordinator has to be a staff member of one of our ECIU member universities.

Role Description

Providing a high-quality and up-to-date educational portfolio that meets the needs of learners is critical to the success of ECIU University. ECIU University needs a portfolio of learning opportunities that can be scaled in quantity, quality, and subject matters. In addition to systematic attention to the opportunities embedded in existing study programmes for students for ECIU member universities, it is important that engaging learning opportunities are created for continuous learners. You are responsible for developing and coordinating the establishment of this portfolio.

You will be part of the central team for ECIU University. The central team is an important part of supporting and coordinating all ECIU University-related projects and developments to reach ECIU University Vision 2030. You will work closely with the ‘educational portfolio’ task lead of the corresponding work package "Learning opportunities based on societal needs", and with the VP Education Group.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Create and coordinate with the ECIU university partners a high-quality ECIU learning portfolio (Challenges, micro modules) corresponding to the changing demands of (current and future) learners.
  • Reach out and identify the needs of continuous learners necessary to keep the portfolio relevant for continuous learners.
  • Develop processes to ensure the delivery of new learning content for the ECIU University ecosystem.
  • Report to the VP of Education and in the central office meetings on the status of the learning portfolio and bring the feedback to the WP 3 and vice versa.



  • You can work across and in complex higher education systems (their organisational structure, processes and cultures).
  • You are familiar with theories and design approaches for organisational development in the changing landscape of higher education in international contexts.
  • You understand the emerging trends of learning opportunities and modes of (digital) delivery and micro-credentialing.
  • You are proactive, can motivate people and reduce complexity.
  • You can develop, manage and coordinate projects and delegate tasks appropriately.
  • You are a team player, culturally and politically sensitive, understanding the needs of universities, their staff and external organisations.
  • You are familiar with the ECIU University and have a good understanding of the ECIU network.

Information and Application

For more information about the position, please get in touch with the ECIU University Educational Lead, Andrea Brose, at andrea.brose@eciu.eu.


Please send your motivation letter and your current CV to the ECIU Institutional Coordinator (see list below) of your home university by 9 December 2023. The first round of online interviews is planned for the Week of 15 January 2024.


Please note that the position can be filled in different organisational contexts. The workplace will be in one of the ECIU member universities. You will become part of the central team of ECIU, an international, passionate team of people who believe in the creation of our new European university, ECIU University.


As a consortium of innovative universities, we believe that equality and diversity are driving forces for innovation. ECIU aims to make diversity – embracing and taking into account differences between individuals and groups – and equality – providing equal access to resources, opportunities and participation (including decision-making) – the priority of ECIU’s top management and the priority in all ECIU activities. Therefore, we encourage all interested candidates to apply for this position, and we will take the ambition for a diverse team into account during the selection process.


Please send your motivation letter and CV to the ECIU Institutional Coordinator of your home university:


ECIU Institutional Coordinator


Aalborg University

Lise Thorup-Pedersen


Universidade de Aveiro

Niall S. Power


Universitat Autonoma de


Myra Ronzoni


Dublin City University

Olivia Daly


Hamburg University of Technology

Sascha Diedler


Kaunas University of Technology

Kristina Ukvalbergienė


INSA Group

Marie-Agnès Détourbe


Linköping University

Jan Axelsson


Lodz University of Technology

Dorota Piotrowska


Tecnologico de Monterrey

Ana Soriano Albert


Universiteit Twente

Liv Hassinger


University of Stavanger

Trym Holbek


University of Trento

Grazia Callovini


Tampere University

Minna Haka-Risu



About ECIU

The ECIU University is an initiative of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) that creates a ground‐breaking and innovative educational model on a European scale.

ECIU University is a pioneering, innovative European University Alliance where learners, teachers and researchers collaborate with a broad set of societal and economic stakeholders, such as urban governance bodies, employer groups, industry, NGOs and others, to solve real-life Challenges. By 2030, ECIU University will be an agile, open agora at the European level for solving multi-disciplinary societal Challenges, doing research and learning for life.

At the core of this vision is a commitment to creating spaces where communities of practice flourish around urgent and relevant societal topics aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help Europe achieve a comprehensive, sustainable future. ECIU believes in creating an invigorating model of a true European University for the benefit of European society. Currently, over 300 people in 13 universities in 13 European countries (and a partner university in Mexico) work with a lot of dedication to accomplish this dream.


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