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Internal Vacancy for the ECIU Member Universities:  Learner Engagement Coordinator (0.5fte)


May 25, 2023

Internal Vacancy for the ECIU Member Universities: Learner Engagement Coordinator (0.5fte)


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The European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) is looking for Learner Engagement Coordinator to organize the learners of ECIU University towards an active community co-shaping the future of the European University.


Role description

The Learner Engagement Coordinator is a central function within the ECIU focussing on organizing the learner community. Learners are key users of the ECIU ecosystem. They play an important role in voicing the needs when it comes to the services of ECIU University and the available learning opportunities. In the upcoming years, the communication and co‐creation processes with learners need to be strengthened and to be constantly aware of their needs and demands as well as to benefit from the innovative and creative ideas. The groundwork has been done by organizing student events, the next step is to organize an active learner community in the ECIU ecosystem. As learners are part of the governing structure of the ECIU, a smooth connection with the local learner organizations is key.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Ensures the development of a community of learners with the needed structural and systematic attention and creates a feedback loop with other relevant groups in the ECIU ecosystem.
  • Is the linking pin between the learner representation in the ECIU Board and learners in the local steering groups.
  • Organizes community activities with the help of the central and local community managers.



  • Experience in building and supporting learner communities.
  • Proactive and self‐motivated with a keen eye on identifying the specific needs of the learner communities and supporting good practices.
  • Motivated to build up strong communities together with the learners as well as other stakeholders.
  • Triggered to use novel and innovative methods and instruments to stimulate and support innovative engagement methods, including hybrid methodologies.
  • Team player, culturally and politically sensitive, understanding the needs of learners.


Information and application

For more information about the position, please contact ECIU Secretary General via katrin.dircksen@eciu.org.

You are invited to submit your application by 15 June 2023. Please send your motivation letter and your current CV to the ECIU Institutional Coordinator (see list below) of your home university. The first round of online interviews is planned for the Week of the 19th of June 2023.

Please note that the position can be fulfilled in different organisational contexts. The workplace will be in one of the ECIU member universities. You will become part of the central coordination team of ECIU, an international passionate team of people who believe in the creation of a new European university.

As a consortium of innovative universities, we believe that equality and diversity are a driving forces for innovation. ECIU aims to make diversity – embracing and taking into account differences between individuals and groups – and equality – providing equal access to resources, opportunities and participation (incl. decision-making) – the priority of ECIU’s top management and the priority in all ECIU activities. Therefore, we encourage all interested candidates to apply for this position, and we will take the ambition for a diverse team into account during the selection process.


Please send your motivation letter and CV to the ECIU Institutional Coordinator of your home university:



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