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Kampusareena receives award for the sustainable development of facilities


March 29, 2021

Kampusareena receives award for the sustainable development of facilities


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The Kampusareena building on the Hervanta campus of the Tampere Universities community has been awarded for its merits in sustainable development. The international real estate and construction award was presented by the multidisciplinary research organisation BRE Group at a gala webinar on 23 March.

Every year, the BRE Group awards individuals, projects and organisations that promote sustainable development in the design, development, management, and maintenance of buildings.

In the BREEAM Awards gala, which was organised for the fifteenth time, there were competitions in different categories according to the way the building is used and the stage of its life cycle. Last year, Kampusareena, owned by the University Properties of Finland Ltd and completed in 2015, received the BREEAM In-Use certificate for the maintenance phase. Now Kampusareena won in the category of buildings used by the public sector. The other finalists in this category came from Norway (2) and Sweden.

Pertti Iso-Mustajärvi, Director of Facilities Management at Tampere Universities, thanks the University Properties of Finland Ltd for co-operation. Kampusareena is an important part of the work and goals of sustainable development in the Universities community.

“This international acknowledgement is an excellent recognition of the visionary work of University Properties of Finland Ltd and its successful collaboration with Tampere University. Kampusareena is a location that combines the different activities carried out on the Hervanta campus. The building sits well within its surroundings and supports not only the activities of the University but also the achievement of our sustainable development goals,” says Iso-Mustajärvi.

When completed, Kampusareena was the first multi-user property among university buildings in Finland. In addition to students and researchers, the building brings together companies from several sectors. Environmental aspects are an essential goal of Kampusareena in addition to the fact that the building enables people to meet and collaborate and thus implements social responsibility.

With its nine floors and a sloping green roof, Kampusareena is a visual landmark for the entire surrounding neighbourhood. The green roof is the largest biodiversity area among all the green roofs in Finland. The roof also features insect hotels.

In addition to the green roof, Kampusareena has energy consumption goals, which are implemented eg with solar panels and ventilation. Kampusareena features 560 panels that also act as parasols in the tower section.

Kampusareena’s contribution to sustainable development is also reflected in the building’s success in supporting local communities. There are various uses both indoors and outdoors, both at work and in leisure time. In summer, the green roof serves as a meeting place. In winter, students and children have used the roof for, for example, downhill skiing.

News source: News bulletin by the University Properties of Finland Ltd

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