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Kaunas University of Technology announces an international competition for the position of the rector


January 11, 2023

Kaunas University of Technology announces an international competition for the position of the rector


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Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is starting the process of rectorial election by announcing an international open competition for the position of the rector. Applications for the position of the rector can be submitted until 10 March.

The election of KTU rector is organised as an open international competition by an Election Commission composed of the members of the University Council. The rector is elected for a five-year term of office according to the Law on Higher Education and Research, the Statute of KTU and the election procedure approved by KTU Council.

The competition is open only to persons of impeccable reputation holding a scientific degree or renowned artists with teaching and managerial experience. A person who is not employed by the University may also be a candidate for the position of the rector.

Applicants have to submit a completed application form for participation in the open international competition for the position of the rector, a declaration of compliance with the requirement of impeccable reputation and disclosure of conflict of interest, a curriculum vitae, a copy of the document certifying their scientific degree, and documents proving teaching and managerial experience until 10 March.

In addition, applicants are requested to specify their operational guidelines formulated according to the University strategy. Other documents and data may be submitted if the applicant considers them appropriate to submit.

Documents may be submitted directly at the University, by electronic means, verifying the authenticity of documents by an electronic signature, or delivered by registered post to the indicated address.

After the deadline for document submission, a meeting of the Election Commission will be held, followed by a meeting of the Senate within one month, to approve the list of candidates who meet the requirements for research activities.

Later, the selected candidates who meet all the requirements will introduce themselves and present their visions to the community in an open meeting. The final decision on the winner of the competition will be made by KTU Council in a closed meeting to be held no later than 20 calendar days after the open meeting.

The newly elected rector of KTU is expected to take office on 10 August.

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