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SMART-ER Co-creation workshop for Citizen Science Pilots


February 3, 2022

SMART-ER Co-creation workshop for Citizen Science Pilots


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Co-CreationWorkshop: Citizen Science Pilots

SAVE THE DATE: February 3rd 2022 from 10.00 to 1.30 pm (CET)

The event will bring together ECIU researchers working in SG11 and interested in Citizen Science, with the aim of co-creating a minimum of 2 trans-national Citizen Science Pilots, which will receive funding from the SMART-ER Project, and which will have to be carried out during 2022 and 2023.

To whom is this workshop addressed?

Researchers and practitioners of Citizen Science within the ECIU Community, interested in participating in a joint trans-national Pilot with other ECIU researchers.

What will happen during the workshop?

The main objective of the workshop is to draft at least 2 pilots in a co-creation process with all the participants. The event will be divided into 3 different parts:

At the beginning of the workshop, all the participants will join an informative session for the explanation of the main context of the SMART-ER project including:

  • The overall objectives of SMART-ER and the role of Citizen Science.
  • The general objectives expected to achieve with the SMART-ER Pilots in Citizen Science.
  • The specific conditions, timing and process for receiving funding for a Citizen Science Pilot.
  • A mapping of potential sources of funding through strategic calls, including Horizon Europe and other, and a selection of the relevant documentation.

Once the context is provided, the participants will have the chance to share ideas and capabilities through short pitches, with the aim of identifying main interests and lines of work with potential priority.

Finally, the participants will be distributed in break-out rooms around specific topics to discuss potential alliances. These discussions will be facilitated by SMART-ER staff with the objective of drafting an initial document describing the pilot. The topics will initially include, but will not be necessarily restricted to:              

  • Biodiversity
  • Environment, Green Economy and Agri-food
  • Empowerment, Inclusiveness, and Equality  
  • Cultural Heritage, Arts and Humanities      

Register for the workshop before 2nd  February 20.00h CET max.

More information and Registration links below:

More information: https://www.eciu.org/smart-er-for-researchers#citizen-science
ECIU Community: Register below to attend to the workshop

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