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The growing ECIU community of teamchers


March 16, 2022


The growing ECIU community of teamchers

University Staff


March 16, 2022

Mar 16, 2022 4:54 PM


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This spring marks the 4th semester of challenges in the ECIU University, and the growing community of teamchers: teachers and staff members who facilitate learner groups while solving challenges. More than 300 staff members and teachers across twelve ECIU University member universities have been engaged in the ECIU University activities so far, and the community is growing every semester.

The challenge-based learning (CBL) underpins the majority of activities within ECIU University and corresponds to the actual change in higher education. Flexibility and personal learning goals are the major factors that drive ECIU University forward and provide an opportunity to find valuable connections for a lifetime.

The spring term teamcher kick-off event was held on March 4th. Among other discussions, the teachers and teamchers from the University of Stavanger (UiS) presented an inside perspective of their CBL research. They combined data from the group interviews and survey results and investigated the learning opportunities and the engagement of CBL students and teacher assistants during and after the challenge.

Colleagues from UiS had the following recommendations for the teamchers:
  • Maximise interaction among students themselves and with teamchers.
  • Provide opportunities for learners to take charge in connecting with stakeholders.
  • Provide space for learners to reflect critically on the challenge and their learning.

Call teachers and staff members of ECIU members! We invite you to join the next round table meeting of teamchers. The teamcher community members will exchange recommendations and share success stories.

You can join the next round table on the 1st of April, 14:00 CET using this link.

join the next round table join the next round table join the next round table


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