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The participants of ECIU University micro-module on the intercultural competences met in Toulouse


April 27, 2022

The participants of ECIU University micro-module on the intercultural competences met in Toulouse


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INSA Toulouse hosted its first ECIU University mobility event as a part of an international ECIU micro-module. From the 4th to the 8th of April, students from all over Europe gathered in Toulouse, France.

To be able to come to France, the students picked a micro-module from the ECIU University catalogue. They chose to learn more about the Intercultural Competences: Guiding practical insights through Citizen Science (ICCS). This micro-module, carried by the University of Twente, Kaunas University of Technology, Trento University, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Aalborg University, University of Stavanger and INSA, aims at ensuring that students learn ways to adapt and collaborate with different profiles and cultures. Intercultural competences are important for work within their curricula and in professional life.

During the visit to INSA Toulouse, 25 students from the ECIU member universities met experts, coaches and teamchers. They learned to auto-evaluate their initial skills in inter-cultural environments, Citizen Science projects and to assess the main difference in cultural backgrounds and communication. The participants used a creative problem-solving approach and the main elements of Cultural Science to apply on their work.

This micro-module was a hybrid module: most of it was held in a virtual environment with the evaluation done during physical meetings. The closing event in Toulouse was hosted by INSA and financed by the new funding mechanism of the Erasmus+ program, the Blended Intensive Program (BIP). With this funding, the students were able to participate in multiple intercultural activities, including a visit to the city of Toulouse and discover the local culture.

Listen to the students sharing their experiences in the video:

Read about students’ experience in Toulouse in the magazine they created.

This mobility event was funded by Erasmus+ in the frame of a BIP (Blended Intensive Program).

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