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Smart Society

  • Information Technologies: focus mainly on issues such as security, business intelligence, education, logistics and bioinformatics: Information and computational security, Big data, Intelligent assistants and tutors, Supply chain, Network of sensors, Computational predictive models or models for identification of rare genetic variables,impostors, instructions, malicious software, infection and genomic patterns. 
  • Intelligent Systems: focuses on the development of innovative heuristic, metaheuristic and hyper-heuristic algorithms based on computational intelligence and other techniques to model and understand the complexity on the interaction between problems and algorithms with the intention to develop an automated and adaptable computational platform to efficiently solve a variety of real-world problems. The research in the group also aims at exploring strategies such as multi-agent systems, web semantics and data mining for integrating models and methodologies to trace a path towards intelligent organizations and more personalized systems.

Dr. Sergio Omar Martínez
Dr. Cesar Vargas

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