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Smart Society

  • Synthetic biology
  • environmental and industrial biotechnology
  • Biorefining
  • Conversion of urban waste and wastewater
  • biotechnological and thermochemical processes
  • aerosol instrumentation research
  • monitoring nanoparticles and nanocluster aerosols
  • Various projects focusing on real-life “urban laboratories”
  • The concept of new urban work that changes environmental and planning priorities
  • Circular economy as a game changer for wood building industry
  • Sustainable supply chains in project business 
  • Creating sustainable value through megaprojects / complex solution delivery
  • Industrial service innovations and supply chain innovations in the circular economy
  • urban circular bioeconomy  research in living labs (water, waste, energy, nutrients, metals, emissions, air quality)
  • sustainable materials
  • innovation networks/ecosystems
  • business ecosystems
  • circular economy in engineering materials science
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