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The EU leaders outlined a vision for education and culture together with the number of actions, including the full roll-out of the 41 European University Alliances. The ECIU University is one of them, transforming the European University landscape.

The European Commission expects the European Universities to develop a shared and common strategy for education,research and innovation, towards a long-term vision on the universities they want to become in 10 or 20 years. We, 12 members of the ECIU University, are building the future European University grounded in the challenge-based approach and strong partnerships with industry, cities and regions. ECIU University will make real-life impact by solving challenges.

But what do communities and stakeholders expect? What do students, teachers, researchers, life-long learners, people in business and public institutions want European universities in 2030 to be? The Erasmus Days gives an excellent opportunity to continue the dialogue with the public.

Towards a European University