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Introducing the ECIU University Teacher Hub


May 21, 2024

Introducing the ECIU University Teacher Hub


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What is the ECIU University Teacher Hub?

The Teacher Hub is an easy-to-navigate digital Microsoft environment aimed at bringing teachers together, providing them with a space to network, connect and collaborate as part of the ECIU community.

It’s also a community dedicated to innovative teaching practices like challenge-based learning and other insights for conducting micro-modules at ECIU University. Here, teachers can find interesting and relevant information that will help them grow and achieve their goals.

What opportunities are there?

At the Teacher Hub, you can learn, share, network and connect to peers and other relevant stakeholders. After joining you will be able to:

  • Access expert guidance on challenge-based teaching and learning;
  • Learn how to start developing ECIU University challenges and micro-modules;
  • Get invited to events and workshops;
  • Explore networking opportunities;
  • And exchange best practices with the teachers from 14 universities.

The Teacher Hub is a place created for teachers and by teachers. So, how the platform develops in the future depends on its users' needs and creative efforts,’ explains Mieke Beurskens, a Teacher Hub coordinator. ‘We are continuously in contact with teachers to identify not just their needs and challenges, but also their ideas and motivations, so that we can provide a space where they flourish. We're only getting started.'‘Eventually, the real managers of the Teacher Hub will be its users’

You can learn more about the ECIU University Teacher Hub and how to apply here.  

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