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Smart Society

  • PredictED system, uses academic data to predict how a student is doing in a particular module, that is, whether they are on the path towards passing or failing.  It compares the student’s patterns on Moodle with students that took the same module in previous years, to predict, on a weekly basis, whether the student is likely to pass or fail. Every week, PredictED sends the student an email, to let them know how they’re doing. If they are not on the right track, the email will contain suggestions, such as who they should approach in student services. It also tells the student how much they have used Moodle that week compared with the rest of the class.
  • Newton: Addressing the  challenge of the next generation of technology enhanced learning – using gamification, multisensory and multimodal learning, interactive augmented reality teaching assistants and a virtual experimental fabrication lab to ensure students stay engaged on multiple levels
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