Minor Programme

MSc Strategy and Management in International Organizations, Semester 2

Master's Level

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Business, Law



A bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Economics of at least 180 ECTS (or equivalent), alternatively, a bachelor's degree with/and at least 60 ECTS (two semesters of full-time study) of Business Administration-related courses (for example Accounting, Marketing, Organization Theory, Strategy, Finance, HRM).


English, B1 level (Engelska 6)

The Courses

Business Finance - 7,5 ECTS

The course connects strategy and finance and focuses how finance can be used to create effective business solutions. The learning frame-work of the course is structured around a number of cases where students will use spreadsheet modelling to solve problems, develop strategies and action plans.

Course module within the MSc Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations.

Management Control Systems - 7,5 ECTS

The course introduces the nature of management control, its background, definition and theoretical framework. We focus on three important perspectives of management control: the management control environment that helps us to understand strategies and behavior in organizations. the management control process; strategic planning, budgeting and analyzing and variations in management control such as different strategies, service organizations, multinational business and projects.

Course module within the MSc Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations.

HRM in Modern Organizations - 7,5 ECTS

The course starts in classic HRM issues, but then focuses contemporary models and challenges in modern forms of organizations, such as how to work with HR in increasingly temporary and project-based organizations.

Course module within the MSc Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations.

Term Project - 7,5 ECTS

Students are required to study Business Finance, HRM for Modern Organizations and Management Control Systems to be eligible for this course.

The course offers two optional approaches depending on the students' future career interests. The first option is to work together with a company and help them to solve a problem and then write a project report based on your findings. For those interested in a research career, the other option is to take on a research problem and work together with one of the professors at the department and produce a research based term paper.

Course module within the MSc Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations.

How to apply

The application for spring semester 2017 will open in September with application deadline October 15. If you are selected by your home university please ask them to nominate you to All nominated students will receive an email as soon as the application form opens.

Application Procedure

When you have been selected by your home university, the application procedure will be as follows:

1. Search for courses in the course list above. Please see under "Course information and timetable" in the left hand menu before you choose your courses. Note that full-time courses at Faculty of Arts and Sciences run during four (4) periods per semester. You can choose only one full-time course for each period.

2, Check the specific requirements for each course that you want to study and make sure that you are eligible for all courses that you select.

3, Fill out the application form on-line which will open in September. The application form includes personal data, academic background, choice of courses and the period of study for your stay at Linköping University.

4, Upload the required documents:

- Transcript of records of all university education

- Proof of English*

- List of ongoing courses

- Degree certificate if applicable

All documents need to be scanned into one pdf file.

5. If you want to apply for accommodation through Linköping University make sure to cross that box on the application form. Please note that you also need to apply and sign up with other landlords and check the notice boards. Linköping University cannot guarantee accommodation.

6. Submit the form. A print-out version of your application will open for your reference.

7. Deadline for Spring semester 17 is 15 October 2016, 23.59 o´clock (UTC+2h).

8. Information and admission documents will be send during November 2016.

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